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Practice Clinics & Services

To make an appointment for any of the clinics and services below, please contact our reception staff.

Are You a Carer?

It is helpful to know if you have a Carer (someone who takes on an unpaid caring role) or if you are a Carer for someone else. We have a page dedicated to Carers where you can also register with us as a carer so we can provide you with additional support.

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The following Clinics are available at the Practice by appointment:

Clinic Name





2.00pm - 3.30pm

Well Baby


1.30pm - 2.45pm

Well Women Checks (Smears)

By Appointment only

Health Checks

By Appointment only



3.00pm - 4.45pm


Alt. Thursdays

1.30pm - 3.00pm


Alt. Thursdays

1.30pm - 3.00pm

Heart Disease / Hypertension

Alt. Wednesdays

2.00pm - 3.30pm

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Health Promotion & Well Person Checks

The practice is actively engaged in health promotion.

In particular we can arrange; primary prevention e.g., advice on smoking, diet & exercise and immunisations both adult and childhood; screening, e.g., blood pressure checks, cholesterol estimations, cervical smears, travel advice and vaccines etc.

If you would like to discuss any of these please see one of our nurses.

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Practice Nursing Services

Practice Nurses / Midwife

Our Practice Nurse offers the following services:

  • Maternity Care(including antenatal, postnatal care and baby care)
  • Chronic Disease Checks
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • CHD
  • First aid advice, Blood and Urine Tests, Dressings, removal of stitches etc
  • Ear syringing
  • Adult and Childhood Immunisations
  • Travel Immunisations
  • Stopping Smoking
  • Cervical Smears / Contraception Services
  • Family Planning
  • Health Promotion e.g., dietary advice and advice on smoking
  • Advice on Diet
  • Post Natal Exams
  • Spirometry (lung function tests)
  • New Patient Screening

Healthcare Assistant

Our Healthcare Assistant supports the Nurses and the Practice by providing a phlebotomy service (talking blood samples) for testing. She is also responsible for running our health check clinic that enables us to identify and then initiate preventative measures to help reduce the risk to those patients who may otherwise develop illnesses in the future.

District Nurses

The District Nurse is available to see you in your home and help with dressings and removal of sutures, advice and care of the acutely and chronically sick and terminally ill and advice on incontinence and supplying pads and other aids.

Health Visitor

The Health Visitor can be contacted at West Chadsmoor Clinic on Cannock 879787.  She is available to help with health matters relating to the under-5’s e.g. feeding difficulties, sleep problems.  She runs the Child Surveillance Clinic, held at the surgery each week.

Community Midwife

The Midwife provides care for mothers before and after delivery and care for the baby during the first fortnight of life. She works with the Doctors at the antenatal clinic held at the surgery on Monday at 2pm each week.

Community Psychiatric Nurse

The Community Psychiatric Nurse provides a counselling Service at the surgery by appointment. Patients will need to be referred to this through one of the GPs.

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Private Non-NHS Work

Medical Examinations (Non-NHS)

Certain services provided by the Doctors are not covered by the NHS and fees are payable for such items as:

  • HGV & PSV licences
  • Elderly driver licences       
  • Insurance
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Private certificates          
  • Holiday vaccinations
  • Insurance claims           
  • Fitness for sports

Please ask the receptionist for such services. Charges are payable at the time of attendance, and the BMA recommended scale of fees is on display at the reception desk. For further information please see Why do GP’s charge?

A current list of fees is displayed in our Waiting Area. It you have any queries regarding these, please enquire at Reception.

Medical Certificates

Self-certificates are available from your employer for sickness of up to one week. Any certificate required from the Doctor for periods up to the first week can only be provided as a private certificate for which there is a charge.

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Practice Services

In addition to the Essential Services provided by the practice, the practice also provides the following additional services:

In addition, Community physiotherapy, chiropody and occupational therapy can be arranged locally by the Doctors.

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Services for Young People

The Practice has a sensitive and confidential approach with young people.

If you have any concerns relating to your health, please arrange an appointment with the Practice Nurse or one of the Doctors.

Please see our 'Teenage Health Advice & Services' page for further information.

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Travel Vaccinations

We offer a full range of vaccinations for foreign travel. For all advice and information regarding foreign travel please see our Travel page.

Most travel vaccinations provide to patient are under NHS expense which is free of charge. Our Practice Nurse is fully qualified and experienced. We offer readily available appointment for travel vaccination every week.